What is a “Vocal Journey”?

A vocal journey is a lifelong path affecting every aspect of ones life that everyone goes through who is seriously interested in learning how to sing better.

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How long will my “Vocal Journey” take? Your vocal journey can be as long as you want it to be. But keep in mind that even the greatest singers still study voice in one way or another, whether it be coaching with someone, or extensive work with a good technical teacher. It’s a process, so be open to the journey. How do I find a good voice teacher? Finding a good voice teacher can be tricky. You want someone that is encouraging and knows their stuff. If a voice teacher tells you that you need to start from scratch or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, maybe you should find someone new.

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What we can offer you Obed and I have had over 47 years of voice lessons combined! We have seen it all and have sung it all. Our extensive knowledge of how the voice works and how the mind works have culminated in this website, “Own YOUR Vocal Journey”. Here you can find eBooks to help you on your way to your “Vocal Journey” and keep you on track. We are happy you are here! Schedule a Consultation If you would like a vocal consultation, whether a recording or over Skype, we would be happy to give you our thoughts. We are available to help! Schedule with us now!


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