Talk O’Tuesdays! – Medicine & Singing?

Talk O’Tuesdays!

Medicine & Singing?

Ever wonder what your medicine and/or herbal supplements are doing to your voice? There is a great website that lists every possible medicine and herb you can think of, prescription and over the counter, and what the reported effects are on the voice.

Sometimes you have to find answers for your own health when you have a doctor that isn’t well versed on the needs of singers, or if you can’t get into seeing a special ENT for singers.

Example 1: A fellow colleague of ours had a clear, beautiful voice. The next time I heard her a few months later, her voice was airy. That pure, clear voice was gone. Her teacher was concerned that she had nodes or some type of damage to her vocal folds. After numerous scopes and doctor visits, her airyness boiled down to taking birth control pills.

Example 2: Another colleague of ours couldn’t phonate easily. His passagio was not working for him and to make sound he had to really push at his voice. Turns out the medicine his doctor put him on for high blood pressue is well known to dry out the vocal chords. Unfortunately in this case the doctor was not well versed in the needs of professional singers and our colleague took himself off of the medicine.

Check out the website here and look to see if the medicines and supplements you are taking will or will not cause any issues for your voice.

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