Singer Tips! #3

Singer Tips! #3

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Have you ever experienced that moment of terror that only lasts the length of the blink of an eye, but to you seems like FOREVER, when you have learned a piece of music and you are standing in performance and when you come to the entrance of a passage or a phrase that you KNOW you KNOW, but in that splint second, the words are just not there? I know some of you know what I am talking about. The most popular acknowledgement to this experience is that crass of all references we all know, called the “Brain Fart”…lovely yes, isn’t it!! Have you ever wondered why this happens? As I said, you know you know the words, and you can’t help but beat yourself up afterwords because you feel that you have let yourself down as well as everyone else because your performance suffered because of that or those moments. Frustrating, I know…we all have experienced this at one time or another in some aspect.

Do you know what happened along the way as you where learning your music? I can tell you exactly where this misstep in your study has happened and how to fix it! Yes, everyone learns differently…blah blah blah… HOWEVER, there is a step along the way that is very easy to skip over in our hasty culture of instant gratification and ADHD soundbites that make us all feel like there is no time to actually put in the work. Here’s the step: SPEAK YOUR TEXT IN RHYTHM! You may already think you are doing this somewhere along your learning process, but have you thought of where, and how much emphasis you put into this very important cog in your well-oiled machine? Your natural tendency will be to want to sing in this step. This couldn’t be more harmful to your process. It may be very difficult to do this, but you must make sure to stay very mindful about every phrase and every syllable, rather than just trying to get through this step and on to the next.

The reason it is difficult to stay true to your focus on the text and rhythm is because of how seductive it will be to slip easily into singing your melody here. Whatever you do…DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO DO THIS! I’ll tell you why…if you do this, there will be little, what I like to call, textual gremlins that will be begin to peek their nasty little heads into your text when you are singing, and you will begin to trip over your tongue in spots that you never dreamed would be an issue. I see this happen all the time. It messes with your memorization, too! When you are standing up in a performance…word salad! This is the exact stage that reveals when you have not taken the time to sew together all the previous steps and your subconscious has not been given the time and ability to lock in the proper internalization of all your work this far. So just don’t gloss over this…your performances will thank you for it!

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