Fill In The Blank! #2

Fill in the Blank! #2

Please fill in the blank in the comment section below with your true and honest answer.  We would love to know what you all are thinking and feeling when you sing….so let us know below and share this with everyone you know.  Maybe we will have tips or suggestions to help you with a problem or issue you may be having…we’re always here and are glad to be of help!

When I sing, if I could ___________, I would be ecstatic!


We hope to have a new music related fill in the blank each week and are excited to get to know you all more as you and all your friends share with us in these fun answerable weekly blanks!  And if you are new to the party…please feel free to browse back in time to earlier one’s you may have missed as we will leave the comments for these open indefinitely!  And again, if we see that you want to connect with us about something musically related and might be looking for a suggestion or answer to something that we can help you with, we would love to be of service!  Another way of saying “Sharing is Caring”!


Also, please leave a any other type of comment below as we would LOVE to start a community of discussions on these topics we are sharing with the world! Be one of the first people to chime in and add your take on our various tips, memes, quotes, fill in the blanks and fun facts! Just be sure to stay positive and keep it constructive and supportive. We are creating and launching MANY products here on this site to help and support you “Own YOUR Vocal Journey”, so make sure to bookmark our site and return weekly to watch our community and products grow into the premiere place to support the arts and singers world-wide! You can help be a part of making us THE PLACE for singers and the arts…here’s how: “Sharing is Caring”! Please share this tip, along with all the advice, support, and products we will provide everyone here at with ALL your social media friends and networks as we hope to build the LARGEST community in the WORLD encouraging and helping “everyone” to TAKE CHARGE NOW and “Own THEIR Vocal Journey”!

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