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Have you ever wondered how to almost completely eliminate the terror of stage fright in your performing? Have you experienced that nerve-wracking mind blank when you thought you knew the words to a song that you are attempting to sing in public? Have you ever wondered why these awful things happen to even the most professional, seasoned performer, and how to get rid of it ever happening again to you?

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This ebook guides you through our proven “6-Step Process” that will help you find new levels of depth, understanding, and intimate connection with your music that you may never have experienced before! It has helped transform singers into absolute professional superstars, from the earliest beginner, all the way to the most experienced pro, and it will help you too! The performing industry insider information contained in this 36 page ebook has everything you need to sing like the pros…maybe even better than those who haven’t used this system!

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Where do I even begin in recommending the services of Megan Wagner Floan and Obed Floan?  The two of them are the reason I am singing today and have directed my own vocal journey every step of the way.  I started studying voice with Obed Floan in 2009 at my High School in Stillwater, MN.  At that point in my life I was a choir nerd who thought that I would make it big in my Beatle’s cover band “The Silver Hammers” (Check us out on Myspace… but really… don’t).  Obed introduced me to singers like Luciano Pavarotti, Juan Diego Florez, Dimitri Hvorostovsky and Renee Flemming. Obed instilled in me the “opera bug” that from that point on has played a major part in my life.  Having Obed and Megan as counselors, trained ears and experienced professionals in the opera business has been one of the single most important things in starting my career as a professional opera singer. They have known my voice and what drives me to be successful since the beginning and dedicate themselves 100% to everything that they do.  I highly recommend checking out their e-book “Deepen Your Authentic Performance.”  It is extremely affordable for priceless information.
– Jack Swanson, Tenor

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